Wear the Poppy

As war wages on so do the protests. People protest wars for many reasons some because they don’t want to fight, they don’t believe in the cause, they don’t want to see their family members go to war, or they don’t want to see the death and destruction that war will inevitably cause. Recently I was reading over the BCC News website and I saw that people are again protesting British involvement in Afghanistan. One way that British citizens can support their troops is by purchasing poppies. These posters and billboards put up by the Royal British Legion have a picture on them of woman and her son who lost their husband and father to a roadside explosion in Afghanistan in 2007. Underneath their picture it reads: “For their sake, wear a poppy” A large billboard of this poster was altered to read: “For their sake, prosecute Blair.” There are many different opinions about this incident in England. The Royal British Legion claims that they are going to fix the defaced sign.

This point of view is drastically different from the view of the people on the home front during World War I and World War II. Going to war back then was seen by most to be the right thing to do and something to be proud of. Because many people believe that American or British soldiers belong in either Afghanistan or Iraq it becomes that much harder to find support for our troops who are overseas putting their lives on the line.

I do not really know how connect this article to anything that we have read in English 384. I have not really found any forms of protest from any of the writers from the World War I and World War II era. I would like to point out that no matter your political views, those fighting overseas could still use your support from home.



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  1. niemanr

    It is strange to think about protesting this “war,” because after all it is not even a declared war. Also interesting that our last declared war was WWII, although we did declare a use of arms against Iraq. So would we, then, be protesting the use of arms? Or perhaps just the occupation of the nation? Or maybe we should be protesting, declaring the anthem “end this war.” Or are we just bickering logistics? What a debate. What it obviously comes down to is the reason(s) for the occupation, which has continued on far past what it should have, and the simple fact that many want their men and women home, safe. I think it is kind of a silent protest that many are partaking in. Or rather, disagreement amongst most, but voiceless. Not sure that is the way to bring our men and women in uniform home. And, I mean at this point it looks like their return home could be short lived, with Obama’s new initiative to head back into Afghanistan. Maybe the real protest should be the arbitrary use of our troops. Or maybe the fact that presidents cannot/should not get used to moving their troops around like chess pieces without formal declaration and legitimate, true reasons. Just saying.

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